Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

RPM aims to be among the very best companies in corporate governance. Since 1977, outside directors have comprised a majority of RPM’s Board of Directors, and only independent directors have served on the Board’s Audit and Compensation Committees. These best practices in corporate governance were in place at RPM nearly three decades before being required by the New York Stock Exchange. RPM’s operating company presidents and chief financial officers have supplied quarterly certifications of financial statements for more than a decade.

Committee Composition

Below is a summary of RPM’s committee structure and membership information. To read more about any of the committees, click on committee names in the chart below.


Audit Committee

Compensation  Committee

Governance & Nominating Committee

Executive Committee

Kirkland B. Andrews financial-expert member
John M. Ballbach member
Bruce Carbonari lead-director chairperson member
David A. Daberko chairperson member
Jenniffer D. Deckard financial-expert member member
Salvatore D. Fazzolari financial-expert chairperson member
Thomas S. Gross member
Julie A. Lagacy financial-expert member
Robert A. Livingston member member
Frederick R. Nance member
Frank C. Sullivan chairperson
William B. Summers   member

Table Key

Lead Director lead-director
Chairperson chairperson
Member member
Financial Expert financial-expert

Committee Charters

pdf Audit Committee
pdf Compensation Committee
pdf Governance & Nominating Committee

Governance Documents

pdf Statement of Governance Policy
pdf Certificate of Incorporation
pdf Bylaws
pdf Corporate Governance Guidelines
pdf Code of Conduct
pdf Compliance Hotline
pdf Categorical Independence Standards for Directors


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